Shapes, Forms, Figures & Curves of the Human Organism:

We will be studying the Word of God and Nature, the second book for eternity. The following chapters are written in "parallel" much like anatomy compares with physiology, but in this case it compares the correlation that exists between the First and the Second Books that were made forming attractive shapes, forms, figures and curves that make up the human organism. 


The intent of this presentation is not to cure, take the place of, or treat any disease, but rather to provide knowledge about health.  The conclusions are personal and without affiliation.  These remedies are complementary, but they should not be applied without having first consulted with the physician that is caring for you. 

Do not stop taking your medicines, or apply these remedies without the authorization of a qualified practitioner that is familiar with your individual case so that you can discuss your options, arrive at an agreement and monitor your progress. 

 The information disclosed should not be applied for medical emergencies.  For medical emergencies, dial 911.

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