Upon reading the title of this book: Shapes, Forms, Figures and Curves,  there are at least three logical questions that any inquisitive mind might ask:  “How can my body that has already been shaped and formed, get sculptured, carved and or molded into the figure of the attractive image I want to become?  Then in order for this reformation to occur, virtually what must I do to make this new image my reality?” Then ask yourself:  Who is my model and what is this image I want to reflect?  It is my desire that you will continue with this book until the ending is just the beginning of your new image.

Back in the Italian Reniassance Period, there was an artist, painter, sculptor, poet and engineer, whose quest for perfection grew and developed into what psychologists now define as the Michaelangelo phenomena, whereby the individual reflects by looking in a mirror and seeing the image of his or her ideal self. Unfortunately, there are many children like twigs, which are bent throughout their entire lives from a lack of molding in their formative years that do not grow and develop physically, mentally and spiritually into their full stature and beauty.  

Much like the French Novelist and playwright, Jules Verne would say, “let us begin this exciting voyage by taking a journey” through our bodies by delving into the integumentary system which is made of skin, nails and glands that by design makes up the outward covering of the body, much like a designer jumpsuit, extending from head to toe and from the fingers on one hand to the tips of the other.  If we could somehow zip open the skin and it’s appendages including the conjunctiva of the eyes, we would find that it makes up the largest organ system that serves as a semi-translucent mantle much like a window, allowing full spectrum light to come in and shine throughout us in vibrant color.

It is noteworthy for me to mention on one hand that we are connected to a revolving spectrum of visible light producing vibration by speeding up our metabolism from the calories of heat through photosynthesis in the day and a slowing down of the vibration by cooling once darkness falls upon us at night.  On the other hand, this process is complemented by a greater burning of calories when we eat a hearty breakfast in the morning, which produces even more heat, and there is a lesser burning calories resulting in a slowing down of the metabolism by eating a light dinner before 6 PM at night.

When the left hand knows the good work that this right hand has begun in us, then when fine tuned and with much practice, the School Master conducting this instrument may teach us how to conduct potentially all of the tones and shades of the vibrant color spectrum harmoniously within, whereby providing an invisible scale much like a piano composed of a full spectrum of pitches from high to low, day to night, and then low to high from night to day. 

Subconsciously, night after night, upon editing and archiving the input received from our senses, and then consciously, day after day upon using the purpose for which this framework was made, instead of maintaining an idle mind, virtually, as we step into the picture to play this instrument, it gives us the perception that these vibrations go back and forth, from one end of the scale to the other much like the scale on a piano.  However, when this pattern is viewed from another perspective, day after day, week after week, month after month, season after season and year after year,  we understand that this circadian rhythm in reality not only goes round and around, but some of its legacy inherently is perpetuated generation after generation.  Once again, it is my desire that you will continue with this book until the ending is just the beginning of your new image.

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