Cultivating a Purpose Driven Life:

We are told in Ecclesiastes that for every time there is a purpose under heaven.  There is a time for work and a time to rest. There is a time for planting and a time to harvest.  Before Jesus can come, the harvesting of souls must take place.  There are many fields of work but there is only one purpose.  As you search the depths of your soul, ask yourself:


1- If it is not about me, then who else needs to be harvested?

2- If I am not here by accident, what brought me here and now to this place in time?

3- If the basic motive for success is the driving force within that guides, controls and directs my life, then what is that key thing which with God’s help I know I can do for others and do it well?

4- If there is more to life than just living for the moment, show me how to plant an eternal seed in someone’s heart that will live forever?

5- If everything happens for a purpose to test our faith, Lord, give me the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to pass the test.  Then with the experience you have shown me of your faithfulness through this test, increase my trust in you so that I may share what I have learned with someone else which will increase their trust and faith in You.

6- If my time on this earth is just for a little while, and this is not my home, help me on this temporary assignment and keep me focused on what is eternal.

7- If  everything comes from God, show me how to give God the glory in everything I do.



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