Leguminosae Family:

The book of Genesis tells us that both Adam and Eve were made in the image of God, after the likeness of our Creator.   Thereafter, we are also told in the book of Psalms 1:1-3 that “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the council of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful, but his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law does he meditate day and night; And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in season, his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever we doeth shall prosper.” 

E.G White tells us that “the whole natural world is designed to be an interpreter of the things of God.  To Adam and Eve in their Eden home, nature was full of the knowledge of God, teeming with divine instruction.  To their attentive ears, it was vocal with the voice of wisdom.  Wisdom spoke to the eye, and was received into the heart, for they communed with God in his created works.”  Note that as we compare likenesses of patterns written in the Word of God, His first book, with Nature, the second Book, we also can see similarities of things that were made and the likenesses that do appear.  In this way, we too are able to the harness the knowledge of God in nature with divine instruction.


Imagine for a moment that you and your spouse both were guests, invited to eat at a banquet made by some very important dignitary, but when you are greeted at the table prepared for you, you are found to have helped yourself to the food in the refrigerator labeled “Warning: Do Not Eat lest you die” instead.  What an insult to this very important dignitary and what a pair of defiant guests!!!   What is even worse is that Adam and Eve had been foretold what would happen and were given everything they needed for food that was made by design by their maker to enjoy.  Once they ate the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, this caused them to feel naked, embarrassed and ashamed.  Thereafter, they were not only separated from the privilege of communing directly with God, the Head and Governor of the Universe, but they were then cast out of the garden on their heels and had to begin cultivating the soil and work out their own salvation.  Fortunate for all of mankind, the Lord knew the root, cause and had already made the analysis of this problem and it’s solution, for which He pronounced judgment on the old serpent, the devil and promised us the deliverer from heaven, by sending us His Son, the light to this world to represent us on earth in this great controversy between good and evil and between his seed and her seed.  Had God not put emnity between that old serpent, the devil and the woman, we would have remained in harmony with the devil, the prince of darkness.

As Adam began to cultivate the land, while he felt the warmth and moisture of the soil in spring, by seeing the germinating of the first of many seeds that were yet to come, by the morphologic design of this family of beans that was made, in his hope of “The Promised One”, just imagine what he might have expressed to Eve by observing the relationship they saw appear.   By the help of the knowledge of God, teemed with Divine Instruction, observing the similarity of the plant embryo of the bean family with the likeness of the human embryo of the human family which was yet to appear, using their God given imagination, the thought may have impregnated their minds with much pain, whether the first born male in the womb of Eve would be blessed with the “Promised One” they had so much hoped for. This preconceived hope occurred with Eve and then reoccurred for the following 2,000 years, generation after generation until “Emmanuel” (God with us) was born of the Virgin Mary.

The irony of this story is that the Lord has always provided all of our needs according to His riches in glory.  Nevertheless, in the Book of Exodus, the Lord made another promise that He would continue to provide all of their needs if they would cooperate with God by diligently hearkening to the voice of the Lord their God, and would do that which is right in his sight, as well as giving an ear to his commandments, and keeping his statutes since He is the Lord that healeth them.   This promise is still valid for us today.


A legume refers to a seed or fruit of a plant of the family Leguminosae (Fabaceae).  Some of the well-known legumes are alfalfa, beans, carob, clover, faba, lentils, lupins, mesquite, peanuts, peas, soybeans and tamarind.  Leguminous crops are grown annually for their food grain seed, which vary in size, shape, color and number, varying between 1-12 in a pod.

Grain legumes such as pinto beans, kidney beans, navy beans, dry peas and lentels are all collectively known by an ancient Greek term “poltos” or “pulse” that refers to porridge.  Some say that these grain legumes enhance wisdom and knowledge.  This point was put to the test in Daniel 1:12-20 whereby four young Hebrew boys challenged the conventional wisdom of that time by eating these vegetables instead of meat.  After just 10 days of eating these vegetables, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were found to have countenances that appeared fairer and fuller than all the children which did eat the portion of the king’s meat.  The results proved that “In all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm.”

It is known that there are 12 major organ systems in the human organism.  Each system is made of groups of organs.  Each organ is made of groups of tissues.  Each tissue is made of groups of cells.  It is also known that there are distinct types of cells that are made from distinct groups of compounds found in their nuclei.  Within the compounds of the nuclei of these cells, we find that they are made of groups of molecules containing atoms such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulfur and others. In order for this human organism, with male and female counterparts to reproduce generation after generation, each contianing over 100 trillion cells, there must be a loving Creator with much wisdom and understanding that made this human organism and the supporting elements for all that was made.   

Nitrogen is an element found in a concentration of 79% in the air we breathe, however it is not in the form that humans can utilize.  In the human body, Nitrogen is essential for protein formation, providing structure, function and regulation for all cells, tissues, organs and systems that are made.  As we get out into the fresh air and breathe in nitrogen it then be fixed into making protein.


Like many leguminous crops, pulse plays a key role in crop rotation by their innate ability of fixing nitrogen from the air into the root system. In this way, by rotating a series of dissimilar crops, pulsated with grain legumes in sequenced seasons, this reduces soil erosion and increases soil fertility. 


In the atmosphere, as the warm air rises, cools and looses it’s capacity to hold water vapor.  As a result, excess water vapor condenses to form cloud droplets.


It is noteworthy to mention that on a daily basis, in the evening as the sun goes down, the flowers and leaves close.  As the warm air that has risen cools and looses it’s capacity to hold water vapor, the excess water vapor condenses on the leaves forming cloud droplets which is followed by the reverting flow of dew down it’s branches and trunk to it’s roots with the rising moon light.  This switch from the heat of the greater light to the coolness of the lesser light signals the entrance of Nitrogen from the air vapor causing it in due time to become deposited under the ground.   


Then, when grain legumes are ingested, using a variety of rainbow colors, this fixes nitrogen within this same spectrum of phytonutrients contained in tissues, organs and systems in the human body that mitigates build up of infectious pathogens and toxins in these respective modules.  In the agricultural world, this issue of crop rotation is so important that the United Nations worldwide designated 2016 as “The Year of Pulses”.

After we ingest food into our digestive tract, as the body assimilates what we have eaten, providing that there is enough nitrogen and oxygen in the blood stream, these nutrients pass through the liver much like going to the post office where its atoms, molecules and compounds get weighed, identified, classified, packaged, marked as priority mail, labeled and then shipped to it’s intended destination.  However, when we do not get out into the fresh air, drink sufficient water, get sunlight and walk around for 30 min. after meals, there may be insufficient oxygen, nitrogen and Vitamin D employed to properly perform it’s duty.  When we do not cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, a defective process of assimilation and or elimination may occur, resulting in mailing errors which occur from improper classification, improper packaging, improper priority marking, improper labeling and improper shipping due to providing the wrong address.  

Vitamin D is like the mailman that knocks on the door of every intelligent cell which brings and sends back messages to and from it’s nucleus stating: “My God will supply all of your needs according to his riches in glory.”  Do you need anything?  If so, then just “ask and you will receive!”  Note that Vitamin D can only send messages to an from “intelligent cells”.   When we eat seed bearing foods, they contain intelligent genetic material that is already classified and packaged into compounds.  All it has to undergo is being marked for priority and then mailed to it’s intended destination.  The employment of water speeds up this process.  Also note that the mind and the body communicate with each other.  As we seek the mind of God, He will find just what we need, providing that we cooperate with our Lord.


Note that even when we get outside in the sunlight and exercise after meals, sometimes, if we do not employ sufficient nitrogen containing foods in our diet, some of these same mailing errors may occur.  This is why Leguminous vegetables containing Nitrogen are so important in our diets. 


As you pray over your food, ask God to bless it and you will receive a double blessing from glory to glory !! 

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