Tracing our Roots:

Our health depends on how nearly we live in harmony with nature's laws.  An all-wise God put all the elements in the soil necessary for the building of our bodies.  Wrong habits of eating and the use of refined and adultered foods are largely responsible for the intemperance, crime and sickness that curse this world.  We need to trace our roots "Back to Eden."


For perfect health we must have perfect digestion, assimilation and elimination.  The ignorance of the average person regarding the laws of his being is appalling.  The widely advertised adulteration of foods is a "cover up" for natural foods that are healthy due to their seasoning, flavor enhancing agents, artificial coloring, preservatives, additives and processing resulting in disease states.  


When we eat foods that are deprived of minerals we do not feel satisfied and will have a tendency to become intemperate by overeating.  


You cannot get a proper mineral supply from pills or bottles but rather out of natural foods the way God prepares them.


When the soil is depleted from it's minerals and or is filled with pesticides, this results in allergies and disease states.  The plan of ecology designed by our Creator replenishes the soil when we give back what was taken away.  As we go back to the roots of disease, it's causes and make an analysis of what we repeatedly do we can reverse many diseases that otherwise would have no known causes or cures.  God's plan is simple:  From "dust to dust".  If the roots, the trunks, the branches, the fruit and the leaves are produced from the elements in the soil, then we need to lay down "wood chips" to replenish what was taken away.

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The Tree of Life Ministry promotes dominion over disease by following the 10 laws of health, whereby restoring the moral image of God in man through balance of the mind, body and soul unto salvation.