The application of Immunizations versus the promotion of Natural Immunity in the human organism is a controversial topic between holistic and allopathic practitioners. 


Over the years as a practicing physician in primary care, often, when I have offered immunizations to my patients, I have heard repeated statements that they had never gotten the flu or pneumonia until they were immunized.  These repeated comments have stirred increasing doubt in my mind over the years. 


We are told that people perish due to a lack of knowledge. It is known that innoculation by definition is the act of introducing toxins into the human organism, whereas, natural immunity is acquired by allowing the human organism in working with nature, to wall off disease by applying barriers against it by limiting exposure to disease and by by building a strong resilient immune system which can fight off intruders causing disease. 


We know that it is easier for us as health providers to prevent a disease than it is to treat one.  A typical example of this is when people have limited resistance to airborne diseases and germs are circulating around us, the wearing of personal protective equipment, and using other natural protective means as opposed to immunization may in fact prevent illness as opposed to being subject to the ill effects of "Vaccine Damage."  


In fighting the war against communicable disease, in order for us to apply natural remedies, we must first know which systems are affected and understand the physiology of how the body works so that we can then promote it's optimal function in the prevention of disease.   


The following video by Dr. Raymond Obosmsawin is entitled "Immunizations, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinations" gives us an alternate perspective on whether or not to vaccinate vulnerable populations.  Ultimately, whether or not you decide to immunize is your choice.

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