Guarding the Pathways to the Mind & Soul:

Have you ever said, nobody cares, nobody understands what I'm going through.  Have you ever said, God please help me, I'm feeling down, I can't do this anymore.  No matter how down you feel, God understands your grief.  Even through your darkest hour God is there for you.  He will not fail you or forsake you.  His presence can reach you wherever you are.  He is there for you.  Just ask Him.

The following is a health lecture provided by a dear friend called Lynn Harris.  She is a Public Health BSRN that has a deep personal experience of what it grieving is.  She and her husband Michael have helped many many people through their ministry of healing.

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The Tree of Life Ministry promotes dominion over disease by following the 10 laws of health, whereby restoring the moral image of God in man through balance of the mind, body and soul unto salvation.