Applying Principles of Hygiene which simply work on the Urinary System:

DISCLAIMER:  The intent of this presentation is not to cure, mitigate or treat any disease, but rather to provide knowledge about health.  The conclusions are personal & without affiliation.  These remedies are complementary, but they should not be applied without having first consulted with the physician that is caring for you. Do not stop taking your medicines, or apply these remedies without the authorization of a qualified practitioner that is familiar with your individual case so that you can discuss your options, arrive at an agreement and monitor your progress.

  1. Q:  Dr. Lind: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your interest in natural remedies?
  3. Q:  Based on your 34 years of experience primarily caring for adult males, what special remedies really work with prostate problems?
  5. Q:  What is the physiologic function or purpose of the urinary tract which contains a prostate gland in men?
  7. Q:  What is it that excites, obstructs, inflames and infects the prostate?
  1. Excitation: Caffeine, Nicotine, Artificial Sweetners and Preservatives excite the urinary system and cause more frequency & urgency to void;
  2. Obstruction:  Factors which negatively impact the prostate are pressure around the prostate and increase in the growth and development of tissue within the prostate.  Meats and processed foods negatively impact the prostate by slowing down the bowel and retaining stool in the rectum.  Increasing pressure around the stool and the deposit of fats within the prostate cause the musculature to become hypertrophied;
  3. Inflammation and Infection:  Dairy products and refined sugars can inflame the prostate and obstruction make the prostate more susceptible to infection.
  1. Do you have any personal experience that you would like to share with our viewers?

I remember years ago before I made my lifestyle changes that we celebrated a family get together by going to a pizza parlor.That night I ate more pizza and drank more soda in one setting that I had had in all of my life.By the next morning I had so much burning and urgency to void that I could hardly stand it.This went on for several weeks, but gradually with God’s help of some close friends that knew more about natural healing than me, my symptoms subsided.

Trust me, when men cannot void, we will do whatever it takes to be able to eliminate this problem.I could tell you about many cases I have treated, but when it comes to inserting a catheter in your bladder, this motivates men to make a change.

  1. Q:  What effect do Dairy Products have on prostate health?
  3. Q:  What can you tell us about the effect of the Cruciferous Family for prostate health?
  5. Q:  What can you tell us about the Palmae Family for prostate health?
  7. Q: What can you tell us about Carotenoid Pigments for Prostate health?

A: There are pigments called Carotenoids found primarily in the colors yellow, red and orange fruit and vegetables which in general really work well in supporting prostate health.

  1. RED: Within this group, the color red there is a phytonutrient called lycopene which is helpful and protective against prostate cancer.  Lycopene is found in tomatoes and red peppers just to name a couple.  Lycopene has also been found to enhance vitality in the elderly.  Harvard Medical School found in 48,000 men that eating 10 servings of tomatoes / wk. reduced the incidence of cancer of the prostate 35% and a risk of aggressive prostate cancers by 50%. 
  2. ORANGE: A superfood which is orange in color are pumpkins that contain phytosterols, antioxidants, an excellent source of fiber and are high in Zinc are carotenoids that promote prostate health.  Pumpkins contain one of the richest supplies of bioavailable carotenoids known to mankind.
  3. YELLOW: There is yet another carotenoid which is yellow in color containing a phytonutrient called Ascorbic acid found in grapefruit and lemons just to name a couple.  These pigments reduce not only inflammation and infection, but when stimulants are replaced by members of the carotenoid family, these phytonutrients help to reduce the excitability of the prostate.
  1. Q:  What can you tell us about Polyphenol Pigments for prostate health?
  2. The researchers concluded that “the fruit pomegranate and its associated antioxidants may possess a strong potential for development as a chemopreventive and possible therapeutic agent against prostate cancer.”       
  3. Q: What other lifestyle changes will benefit the prostate?
  5. Q:  What can you tell us about rest and temperance?


In closing:  It has been a pleasure for me to speak to your viewers.  May God bless your hearing and applying these natural remedies which really work.

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