About the Author:

Hello: For those of you that may not know me, my name is Dr. Nickolas Lind.  I am the author of this website.  I spent the first 18 years of my medical career in private practice, caring for patients of all ages and served as Medical Director in a large Skilled Nursing Facility for many years.  


Thereafter, I was employed in a Correctional Medical Facility in Blythe, CA for 19 years.  

I am also a member in good standing with the Health and Temperance Department of the Southeastern California Conference of SDA's.  I also am currently the Director of Health and Temperance in the Blythe Central SDA Church.

I am currently employed by Central City Community Health Center that is a non-profit medcial corporation which treats migrant field workers and asylum seekers in shelters located in Coachella and Mecca, CA.


My wife, Maria Crespo-Lind, Treasurer of the Blythe Central SDA Church was elected Director of the Shelter on 3/28/19 located at 415 E. Barnard Street in Blythe, CA 92225.  She is responsible for much of the editing on this website.


As a vegan vegetarian, I am interested in practicing lifestyle medicine which focuses on holistic healing that does not debilitate the human organism by it's natural properties.  It is my sincere hope that you will find something on this website that will stir your attention and will create a desire to learn more that ultimately will lead to your soul salvation.

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The Tree of Life Ministry promotes dominion over disease by following the 10 laws of health, whereby restoring the moral image of God in man through balance of the mind, body and soul unto salvation.