Calendar of Events: Come join us !!!

01-31-15 The 10 Laws of Health

                Fountain of Youth  Niland, CA

03-11-15 Principles of Hygiene Applied on the Respiratory


               Blythe Central SDA Church

04-11-15 Does Milk Really do a Body Good?

               Blythe Central SDA Church

05-30-15 El Cajon SDA Church  El Cajon, CA

10-10-15 Cardos y Espinas

                Blythe Central SDA Church

11-27-15  Dominion over Disease

Lockeford SDA Church

Lockeford, CA

1-6-16  Health and Temperance: What is our best Gift?  

Blythe Central SDA Church

10-07-16 Optimal Health for Canadians

10-08-16 Dry Bones vs Happy Vibrant Bones          AM

                Would You Like to be 10 Times Wiser?    PM

10-09-16  Can Food Affect Your Behavior?

10-11-16  Can the way You Dress Affect Your Health?

10-12-16  Mooove Over Milk

10-14-16  Reversing Diabetes

10-15-16  Reversing Heart Disease  Part I    AM

                 Reversing Heart Disease Part II    PM

10-18-16  How to Apply Principles of Health that Really Work

10-19-16  Hygiene inside and Out

10-21-16  How to become a Centenary

10-22-16  Life Giving Roots    AM

                 Cleansing Broth Demonstration and Sampling


South Shore SDA Church

St. Lambert, Quebec  Canada


10-06-17  The Santa Maria SDA Church

                 Santa Maria, CA

                 The Ten Laws of Health

10-07-17  The Importance of Health in the 2nd Coming of 


10-08-17  Cleansing Broth Demonstration and Sampling


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The Tree of Life Ministry promotes dominion over disease by following the 10 laws of health, whereby restoring the moral image of God in man through balance of the mind, body and soul unto salvation.