The Sun, Moon and the Stars:

In Genesis 37:9 there is an interesting story about Joseph, his father, mother and his eleven brothers wherein he would reign and have dominion over them.  This was foretold to him in a dream that this would come to pass. When he stated: …“the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me,” they became very angry at him.  Never the less, his dream did as a matter of fact, come to pass.

 Let’s analyze this dream:  If in part it is known that the earth habitually rotates elliptically around the sun on a horizontal plane, that is responsible for the day / night circuit, and in part it is also known that on a horizontal plane, the moon habitually rotates elliptically around our planet earth, that is responsible for the monthly circuits, and in part it is known that planet earth also habitually rotates elliptically on a horizontal plane, with Polaris vertical to it whereby forming as if it were a canopy draped above it that is responsible for the four seasonal and yearly circuits, then is it also conceivable that the remaining ten stars or planets that habitually rotate around polaris under this canopy on the same horizontal plane also serve a purpose that we as humans have yet to comprehend?

Just like in the dream, if the sun, moon and the eleven stars (ie: planets R1-3) are in fact governed by Polaris, the Northern Star and axial head of our solar system on a vertical plane, might it also be true that Vitamin D3, a neurotransmitter and fat soluble vitamin likewise governs Cortisol, the neurotransmitter that rules during the greater light of day, as well as Melatonin, the neurotransmitter that rules during the period of lesser light at night?  If this postulate were true, given the importance of a compass that guides the navigation of neurotransmitters day and night, through thick and thin, shouldn’t we be monitoring 25-OH Vitamin D3 levels on women with monthly hormonal issues, and on healthy men and women at different seasons of their lives, especially those at greater risk of vitamin D3 deficiency by being shut in, those robbed of their sleep at night, those under stress, those having mobility limitations and or those having dark skin where ultraviolet penetration it limited?  I am of the belief as a health care professional that we should not ignore the impact of these potential deficiencies.  It is on this same axial basis that all plants which posess flowers and seeds maintain their dominion over other plants that do not in nature.  Refer to the next tab entitled "Dominion over Disease."

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