The question was asked in Luke 3:18:19 what the kingdom of God is like and to what shall I compare it?  Jesus said it is like a mustard seed which a man took and threw into his own garden, and it grew and became a tree and the birds in the air nested in it's branches.  In case you did not know, mustard seeds come from the Family Cruciferae.

Within the Plant Kingdom there is a Family of Plants called Cruciferae Brasicaceae.  This family gets it's name from a cross made by design with the brazen mustard color of the petals on it's flowers.  The significance of the healing character of this family of plants is found in John 3:14 which states, "And as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on the pole in the wilderness, so the son of man must be lifted up."  As we make reference to the King of this Kingdom of Plants, we can see that it is none other than Jesus Christ our loving Creator.

As we compare the modern day symbol of the healing art and science of medicine, having the likeness of a brass colored snake raised up on a cross, as believers in the symbolism of the Son of Man, bearing our sins, it is not difficult for us to find it's origin here, since all who believe in this healing power, by the grace of the Son of God, can be healed.

It is interesting for us to know that just as the Tree of Life has 12 fruits, the human body has 12 major systems, one of which provides support for the growth and development of the human genome and in making noble connections with the other 11.  Just as there exists an organ system, otherwise known as the Skeletal System, which by it's intelligent design provides a living fountain which supplies all of the needs of the bone marrow, there exists a plant family called Cruciferae Brasicaceae which provides abundant nucleic acids in it's flowers contained within it's seeds found in broccoli to supply the same needs of the bone marrow.  And just as there exists elastic connective tissue in the human organism, there are trunks and branches in this family of plants which connect the seeds in it's flowers, channeling the nutrients to it's roots.  Also, just like there exists in the human organism a means for oxygenation of the skeletal system by means of the lungs, there exists within this family species of plants in this family called Kale and Collard Greens that contain leaves, whereby providing oxidative phosphorilzation to make all that by the inspiration of God that was expressly made.


Some examples of this family of plants are Broccoli, Collard Greens, Kale, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts Water Cress and Radishes.

Collard Greens:

In the human organism it is known that each system stems from groups of organs; It is also known that each organ stems from groups of tissues; Just as it is known that each tissue stems from groups of cells;  In addition, it is known that in order for each cell to maintain it's dominion, it must have a nucleus.  In the Vegetable Kingdom it is known that the leaves which cover it's fruit, stem from branches that stem from a trunk that stems from it's roots which are dependent on seeds for it's reproduction.  So it is in the human organism, the nucleus of the cell contains the intelligence which provides the means for it's growth, development and reproduction.  


Within the Mineral Kingdom, there are individual atoms that when grouped together with two or more minerals forms molecules.  The word named "Molecule" is an expression that communicates information between atoms. When two or more molecules come together they form compounds.  The word "Compound" is an expression that communicates information between molecules.  Of all the compounds that exist in our solar system, in order for life to exist on this earth, there has to exist hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus.  As these atoms and molecules communicate with each other by the intelligent design of our Creator, they can be expressed as adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine and uracil, otherwise known as Organic Compounds.  In general, when special organic compounds are made of these specific atoms and molecules they are known as "Nucleic Bases"  As nucleic bases communicate with each other, the words they express signify and unlock what is known as the "Genetic Code". We did not just evolve from nothing, but rather we were created in the express image of our loving God and maker.

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