The intent of this presentation is not to cure, mitigate or treat diseases, but rather to provide knowledge about health.  The conclusions are personal &  without affiliation. 
These remedies are complementary, but they should not be applied without having first consulted with the physician that is caring for you.  
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The concept of eating seasonably is very important.  Food that grows at the same altitude, temperature and humidity as the climate we live in, whether it be warm or cool, moist or dry, on a mountain top or deep in a valley, are very well acclimated to our specific biologic needs and are ideal for eating seasonably since they thrive wherever we are.  Solomon once said that there is a season for every purpose under heaven.


Note that due to changes which occur on the day and night cycle, the lunar cycle, the four seasonal cycles and the yearly cycle, there are distinct variations of the colors of the pigment on our food during each month of the year.  This should remind us of the Tree of Life that has 12 kinds of fruit, one for each month of the year, where mention is made that the leaves are for the healing of the nations.  Likewise, in the human body, there is a purpose for having a wheel of colors to dress up our diet.  Once we learn the mechanics of how this wheel of colors works in the human body, we can see how this can help us in preventing disease.

Just as there are 3 Dermal Layers that cover the Human Organism, there are also polyphenolic pigments that make up 3 Primary Colors in all plant life.   By the manner in which the compounds of these polyphenols of Primary Colors in plants combine with each other, they signal hues that make up 3 distinct Secondary Colors. Then in a similar manner, as the polyphenols of the Primary and Secondary Colors of plants combine with each other, they signal 6 Tertiary Colors in plants.  


The addition of the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors of all plant life covers the entire spectrum of pigments of all plant life.  This should resonate in us much like the story of Joseph who was given a coat of many colors, who was covered by the belief that his God would supply all of his needs according to the riches of his God in glory. This belief in his God as King, allowed him to rise and become second in command of the pharaoh's throne. Remember, according to Matthew 7:7-8, "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you......."



Have you ever wondered why was Joseph given a coat of many colors?  Joseph was the first born son of Rachel, the beautiful and well favored second wife of Jacob. Because Joseph was the beloved son of Jacob’s old age, he educated him and made him a coat of many colors.  Have you wondered how many colors there were?  It is noteworthy that just as there were 12 sons in the Family of Jacob, there also is a complete set of colored pigments for edible plants whose primary, secondary and tertiary signaling are able to make up the full complement of colors once ingested in the governance of the human organism.  


Just as Rachel had 2 children, Bilhah had 2 children, Zilpah had 2 children and Leah had 6 children of the same father, despite their differences in character, each was accompanied by a similarity in faith, so that the whole family tree, made a full complement of experience which was and is greater than the sum of their individual parts. 


As we eat seasonably of this family with thousands of variable hues, shades and tints, when the experience contained within this family tree reflect fully the complete spectrum of the character of God, this sign will signal our Lord to come.


Note that in addition to the hue of these colors, depending on the amount of sunlight available, this signals either dark shades or light tints of color.  This signaling of hues, shades and tints are signs to other living organisms that cohabitate with us on our planet.  These objective signs tell us when fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains are ripe. 


Note the 12 Color Spectrum of Pigment in Plants:  There are 3 Primary Colors: Red, Yellow and Blue; There are 3 Secondary Colors: Orange, Green and Violet; And there are 6 Tertiary Colors: Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Violet and Red-Violet with their respective shades, hues and tints these pigments are signs of it's growth, development and maturity signaling to it's cohabitants when each fruit is ripe.


Note the similarity of the architectural design of Blueberries in forming pouches resembling the design of the Dermal Layers of the Human Body. 

Just as there are 12 major colors in the spectrum of plant life, there are also 12 major Systems in the Human Organism made of distinct pigments with their respective phytonutrients sending messages that communicate genetic information up and down, traveling round and round in the body.

Let us look for example at the architectural design and health properties of the pigment in Blueberries. Blueberries have indigo color containing anthocyanins. Anthocyanins change color as they modulate.  


Every morning when the sun comes up, the first color that appears on the horizon is Yellow.  At noon the color which appears is Blue and at night with the sunset we see the color Red.


Note that as fruit grows and develops, as it modulates, day and night, changing it's color with warmth and coolness, moisture and dryness, until it fully matures when it finally turns Blue. Similarly, the Endocrine System also modulates like a pendulum ossilating back and forth day and night, month after month, season after season and year after year until a newborn baby is fully grown, developed and mature.  It's color and pH have a lot to do with it's signaling.


Note what happens when Purple cabbage is chopped and placed in hot water, it turns Blue.  When acids are added as the colors change it will eventually turn Red, or inversly, when alkali are added, they will eventually turn Yellow.

One of the nutrients in the pigment of the color red is Lycopene which is very beneficial for the entire Urinary System to grow, develop and support, just as one of the nutrients in the pigment of the color Yellow is Citric Acid which also is very beneficial for the Immune System to grow, develop and support.

Note that when the primary color Blue is combined with the primary color Red, it makes the secondary color Violet which forms pigment from phytonutrients that are ideal for growing, developing and sustaining the Reproductive System.    


When the primary color Blue is combined with the primary color Yellow, it's pigment modulates to the secondary color Green from phytonutrients containing chrolophyll, calcium and phosphorus which are ideal for growing, developing and sustaining the Skeletal System.


When the primary color of Red pigment is combined with the primary color of Yellow pigment, it makes secondary color Orange pigment from phytonutrients containing copper and carotenoids that are ideal for growing, developing and sustaining the Nervous System.

1- Blue-Green: When the primary color Blue is combined with the secondary color Green in plants, it produces the tertiary color Blue-Green pigment which is ideal for growing and developing the Circulatory System.  Examples of Blue-Green pigment in plants are Alfalfa, Chives made from Onions, Broccoli and others. Blue-Green plants such as Onions contain nitrous oxide that are critical for the health of our circulation, lowering blood pressure, removing plaque in preventing strokes, heart attacks and in providing longevity.  Blue-Green pigment found in Broccoli produces dicoumarol (coumadin) which is a natural anticoagulant that thins the blood and prevents clotting.  Salicylates (aspirin) and Heparin are organic compounds found in Blue-Green unripened fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, black currant and boysenberries which also may help to prevent excessive clotting. This Blue-Green color  in food pigments along with exercise and drinking water are important for Primary Prevention of  Cardiovascular Disease from a lifestyle standpoint. Warning: Do not stop your medicines without consulting with your health care provider, since these specific medications and others are proven to slow the progression or sequelae of Cardiovascular Disease from a Secondary Prevention standpoint at the dosis prescribed by your health care provider. 


2- Blue-Violet: When the primary color Blue is combined with the secondary color Violet in plants, it produces the tertiary color Blue-Violet which is ideal for growing, developing and supporting the Respiratory System.  Blue-Violet pigment contains proanthocyanidins that are bronchial dilators found in fruits such as grapes, blackberries and others. 


3- Red-Orange: When the primary color Red is combined with the secondary color Orange in plants, it produces the tertiary color Red-Orange which is ideal for growing and developing the Muscular System.  Red-Orange pigment contains the polyphenol aquaporin found in wild yams and other plants.


4- Red-Violet: When the primary color Red is combined with the secondary color Violet in plants, it produces the tertiary color Red-Violet which is ideal for growing and developing the Hematologic System.  Red-Violet pigment contains betains found in Beets, anthocyanins and ellagic acid found in cherries and pomegranites.


5- Yellow-Orange: When the primary color Yellow is combined with the secondary color Orange in plants, it produces the tertiary color Yellow-Orange which is ideal for growing, developing and sustaining the Integumentary System.  Yellow-Orange pigment contains tannins and carotenoids found in Lemons, Oranges, Grapefruit and others.


6- Yellow-Green:  When the primary color Yellow is combined with the secondary color Green in plants, it produces the tertiary color Yellow-Green which is ideal for growing, developing and sustaining the Digestive System.  Yellow-Green pigment contain Nitrogen and Phosphorus found in Mustard Greens, Yellow-Green Beans, Yellow Summer Squash, Zucchini and others.  It is estimated that approximately 3/4 of the Digestive functions are supported by the Immune System. 


When we pray, we need to thank the Lord for His goodness and His desire above all things that we may prosper and be in good health, even as our soul prospereth.  We need to thank our God that supplieth all of our needs according to His riches in glory, and ask that He will bless our food so that it may nourish our bodies and heal us according to His will in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Now is a time when we need to get closer to God's second book which is Nature.  We are told that there is a season for every purpose under heaven.  According to Solomon, "There is a time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted."  


Many people have deep roots that have been planted in the big cities.  A prudent man might ask:   If there is the time to uproot and a time to plant, then where and when is it that we should be planted in due season?  We have been told that the big cities will be unstable and will not a good place for us to live in the time of the end.  We don't need to be a brain surgeon to know that this time has come.  I you don't believe me, then just ask yourself:  Is it safe for me to drive by in a car, go to a theater, a baseball game or even go out to dinner in a big city without wearing a bullet proof vest?  Am I exaggerating, or are we in reality living in the end of earths history?  The time of trouble has already come upon some and will soon be upon the rest of us if we do not heed this warning.   Things will not get better, they will only get worse !!!  


We will need some land out of the citys where we can cultivate our Physical Health and Spiritual Wellbeing and at the same time continue traveling to the big cities to finish the work of the salvation of souls. This is the season for us to finish the work.   The time is now for us to uproot from the big cities and for cultivating a garden out in the country until the Lord comes.  If we follow His warnings, we are promised that our food and water will be sure.


Remember, the Lord provides the sunlight, the fresh air, the water and the seed bearing fruit.  It is for us to trust in God, exercise by working the land, be temperate, get proper rest, apply His health principles and dress properly.  In this way, we are cooperating with God.  He is not slack with his promises, but we must do our part.  


Just like there are 4 Laws that pertain to God in cultivating our Health and there are 6 Laws that pertain to man, the same is true with the Spiritual Laws.  4 Laws peratin to our relationship with God and 6 Laws pertain to our relationship with our fellow man.  Also note that the only commandment that starts with the word "Remember" is the Sabbath!  Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy !!


There are certain foods which were made by design to be cultivated seasonally, biannually and annually.  Included are several lists of seasonal foods which can be harvested at different times:  

Got a some seeds and a shovel?  May the Lord continue to bless your efforts until He comes.

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