Organs of Elimination:

The elimination of poisons and toxic waste is imperative for vibrant health, to promote anti-aging and in providing longevity in the human organism.  These specialized organ systems collectively provide hygiene in the human organism.  Once poisons and toxic wastes have been systematically processed and eliminated, the body then can dedicate time in repairing and fine tuning other organs and systems, whereby enhancing one’s health and sense of wellbeing. 


There are multiple specialized organ / systems of elimination in the human organism.  They consist of the lungs, the skin, the liver, the kidneys and the bowels.   In addition to these interconnected organ systems, the immune and lymphatic systems also work together in formulating general responses as well as in providing specific responses for the optimal elimination of toxic waste.  


Note that by having a practical understanding of the physiology which describes how these organ systerms work along with the application of healthful principles produces natural remedies which really help in eliminating disease.


1- The Respiratory System:

The Lungs facilitate a reduction of carbon dioxide in exchange for 

oxygen in the human organism.  Also dressing properly whereby allowing free movement of the shoulders and arms, this allows enhanced ventilation and perfusion. Exercising by taking deep breathing is also helpful in the process of elimination of not only carbon dioxide but also in the mobilization of phlem causing infection.  Also by taking deep breaths, there is an increase in oxygenation of the tissues, whereby killing carcinogens causing cancer.  

Breathing clean air is important for vibrant health.  It has been postulated by Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg that cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated alkaline environment.  It is known that in earths atmosphere, approximately 20.9% is Oxygen and 78% is made of Nitrogen.  


The Bible tells us that we were made in the image and likeness of God and also with many similarities to plants.  There are mind-body connections in the human organism.  In order for there to be effective communication between what will vibrantly grow and develop best above the ground there must be an understanding of what minerals will need to be called up from below the ground. This fixed knowledge above and understanding below is dependent on the lifestyle we choose.  When we choose to get out of a congested city and breathe clean air in the country, and eat legumes instead og meats,  these choices enhance nitrogen fixation.  

Note that nitrogen fixation does not occur in all plants. It is this intelligent communication found in angiosperms, created by our loving Maker that gives these plants dominion over all other plants. 


2- The Skin:


The skin and appendages are known as the Integumentary System that is the largest organ system in the entire human organism.  This specialized covering separates the inner systems, organs, tissues and cells from the outer environment which through it's channels facilitates the elimination of toxic waste. 


The skin also is responsible for thermo-regulation in the human body. When the temperature get’s above normal, the pores open, whereby causing perspiration which hydrates this mantle and releases oils that also lubricate the skin. These two functions are interdependent on the intake of water and oils in the diet.  However, when people drink coffee and or caffeinated beverages, this closes the pores causing an elevation in the core temperature and has a drying effect on the skin.  Also, when people eat dairy products, this deposits animal fats that become solid in these appendages and reduces lubrication of the skin.  


Most toxic wastes are either liqiud or are fat soluble, however, not all fats and not all liquids are the same. Let me give you two  examples:  If a person eats beef stew, the animal fats enter the body in a liquid form, but if one takes that same food and puts it in the refrigerator, the next day, upon removing it, the fat becomes marbled and is solid. Depending on the type of fats one ingests, either animal or vegetable fats are then stored in sebacious glands.  When sebacious glands are filled with animal fats, because of their inherent character, they are unable to adequately lubricate the skin.  Another example is that it is known that fast food is more prevalent as the pace in life speeds up.  Instead of drinking water and eating an orange, people often choose to drink orange soda and other beverages.  These bad habits play a major role in the development of chronic skin infections by reducing the elimination of toxic wastes from this major organ system.


3- The Liver:


The Liver is a very important organ of elimination since it processes, inactivates, transforms and eliminates wastes in the human organism.  


However when we do not get out into the fresh air, drink sufficient water, exercise, rest, are temperate, get sunlight, eat seed bearing fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, walk around for 30 min. after meals, and cooperate with our Creator which has pledged Himself to provide all of our needs according to His riches in glory, we may just find ourselves with insufficient oxygen, nitrogen, Vitamin D, and B12 employed to properly perform it's designed duty.  


4- The Kidneys:

The kidneys help to regulate the homeostasis of fluids in the human organism.  It is stated that 70% of our planet is made of water and 70% of the human organism is made of water.  85% of the Gray Matter in the brain is water and 93% of the blood is made of water.  Our ability to perceive thirst, headaches, sense dizziness, shortness of breath, burning upon urination and observe when our urine is concentrated or dilute are protective mechanisms built into the urinary system which allows it to conserve, maintain or eliminate fluids.


5- The Digestive System:

From the beginning in the mouth to it's end in the rectum, this mind-body channel does some very impressive things.  It is through this channel that nutrients are craved and then when satisfied, our hunger ceases.  Then after these nutrients have been assymilated, and the toxic remains build up in this channel which can have the tendency to impact the system, this matter is rectified by a voluntary process of elimination that works like clock work. 


However, when people do not submit their cravings and ask for God's will to govern their appetites, instead of being satisfied with a simple means of reaping health and happiness, they will sow an eratic life of disease impacted by grief and  sorrow.


6- The Immune System:

It has been stated that 70% of the Immune System is in the bowels.  When we are temperate and do not eat after 6PM, then the body is able to be in fasting state by midnight.  Then by being in this general state of fasting, this allows the body to systematically eliminate the build up of fats in organs, tissues and in organelles of the cells.  Then when we anticipate break our fasting, as we smell food before we sit down to eat, the salivary glands release digestive enzymes that begin to break down complex food stuffs into compounds, molecules and atoms as they are chewed.  Then when this food enters the stomach, acids are released which help to break down and eliminate the growth of germs.  


As the simple sugars, fatty food and proteins get assymilated from the gut, they pass through the liver where they are weighed, identified, classified by priority, labeled and then sent to it's destination.  


The more we cultivate good eating habits and lifestyle, the better the immunity from disease.


7- The Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic System is like a militarized highway that forms part of the circulatory system which has sites where special immunologic functions take place, making up an arsenal of responses secreting lymph to the heart, specific to the need for elimination of toxins.  


In this armed response, there are abundant monocytes which act like foot soldiers that are released out of the bone marrow.  Also there are CD4 lymphocytes which act like paramedics that remove dead or injured monocytes from the site of the invasion to the regional lymph nodes that act like regional forts.  The information relative to the site, size and number of the invading enemy is expressed by the CD4 lymphocytes at the regional lymph nodes then Vitamin D  sends this to the brain where the memory of this invasion is recorded.  


When the invasion merits an additional response, then Vitamin D sends a message to the bone marrow calling Plasma cell antibodies are called and mailed based on the intelligence from the brain and then commanded to fight the battle.  


Then, if despite the plasma cell response there is a continued need for an armed response, Vitamin D sends a message from the Brain is to the liver gives the most specific information about the atomic size, the molecular configuration and the compounds that make up these toxins, specific to the location of the invasion by Natural Killer Cells much like sending smart missles to the attack. 


The more sunlight, oxygenated fresh air, clean water, exercise, proper rest and seed bearing foods containing nitrogen such as that found in legumes and other whole foods, the better will be the armed response specific to eliminating the invasor provided by our Maker.  We need to cooperate with Jesus Christ, the Master Healer.

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