Applying Simple Remedies which simply work on the Respiratory System:

DISCLAIMER:  The intent of this presentation is not to cure, mitigate or treat any disease, but rather to provide knowledge about health.  The conclusions are personal & without affiliation.  These remedies are complementary, but they should not be applied without having first consulted with the physician that is caring for you. Do not stop taking your medicines, or apply these remedies without the authorization of a qualified practitioner that is familiar with your individual case so that you can discuss your options, arrive at an agreement and monitor your progress.

  1. Q:  Dr. Lind: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your interest in natural remedies?
  3. Q:  Based on your 34 years of experience in primary care, what special remedies really work with Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema?
  5. Q: Can you give us a simple overview of the Pulmonary System and how it works?

A: The architectural design of the respiratory tract has the physical appearance of a vine and has also been called a respiratory tree.Trees have roots, a trunk, branches, stems and seeds.The alveoli are like little grapes which stem from the bronchioles.The bronchioles are like the little stems of bunches of grapes that originate from larger stems called bronchi.The bronchi are like larger branches which originate from the trachea.The trachea is like a trunk of a tree which have roots which originate from the nose and mouth.

The covering of the alveoli, much like leaves are very sensitive to cold which close with cooling and open with the warming of the air that surrounds us.As we breathe air, in the alveoli, the oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide.Without oxygen, in a matter of minutes we would die, but with it, the lungs give life.

  1. Q: What effect does proper dress have on asthma? 

A: When our extremities such as our arms, legs and also our head are cold, the nasal passages and the lower airways constrict. When the upper and lower airways constrict this causes us to have to take deep breaths.As we take deep breaths with a constricted upper airway, in order for us to get enough air in, we often times will have to open our mouths.As we breathe with our mouths open, this often times dries the throat and will trigger a cough.The more we cough, the more inflamed the airway gets.The more inflammation that exists in the lower airway, the more we wheeze.This is why proper dress including socks when we go to bed, gloves, caps and scarfs along with the proper application of all other simple remedies are so important.

  1. Q: What other simple remedies can be applied for chronic coughing and the irritation it produces?

A: As it was mentioned about how the lungs work it was stated that the respiratory tree originates in the mouth and nose which is shared by the throat.Curcumin, Turmeric and Ginger are roots have anti-inflammatory effects on the respiratory tract.When taken orally, they reduce cough, phlem and shortness of breath associated with asthma and bronchitis.

  1. Q: Are there certain foods which can enhance the elasticity of the bronchial tubes in patients with chronic lung diseases?

A: Have you ever observed girls with long curly hair that bounces up and down when they walk?If you look closely, you will notice that the hair recoils with every step.This is due to a substance called elastin.The bronchial tubes contain elastic hairs called cilia that after each deep breath, followed by exhaling, sweep secretions by recoiling upward to the throat.

If you look at the architectural design of grapes, tomatoes and grapefruit you will see that their branches are made in bunches which recoil when stretched.The elastin content in these fruits improves expectoration of phlem, reduces coughing and inflammation in the airways.

  1. Q: Is there any research on certain foods which may be applied to open the airways in asthmatics?

A: A study published in the medical journal “Thorax” involving 2,512 participants revealed that 5 apples per week improved the FEV pulmonary function tests on an average of 138 points and was associated with a concomitant weight loss.

In another study with 1212 pregnant mothers eating apples, they were associated with a reduction of asthma in their children. In these studies, we can see that our good habits, when properly applied, can not only give us health, but can perpetuate our health to our children.

  1. Q: Are there any foods which have a higher oxygen content that may help people with low energy and poor exercise tolerance from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

A: The green leafy vegetables, grasses and wheat germ contain what are called Octacosanols that increase exercise performance and lower cholesterol. This is of particular importance to those suffering from COPD, because their limited ability to exercise results in having elevated cholesterol.For people who have destroyed their lungs by smoking, Octacosanols placed in natural foods are a sign of God’s forgiveness, mercy and love for us.

  1. Q: Are there any foods which are natural bronchial dilators that can help to open up spastic airways?

A: Keep in mind, in the setting of an emergency, it is best to call 911 and get treated in the emergency room.But in a non-emergent setting, there are plant based phytochemicals which were made by design to open up airways called Proanthocyanidins.Research on Proanthocyanidins identified that this substance is found in the extraction of stems, skins and seeds of grapes, in marine pine bark, bilberry, cranberry, black currant and apples.This substance also has been found to enhance exercise performance.The beauty of eating grape seed extracts is that they contain the genetic information necessary for reproducing a whole new grape vine which reproduces bunches of grapes in the same image that we were made.This genetic blueprint in the seeds of grapes helps damaged lungs to remember their maker which can be copied, translated and placed into memory. `

  1. Q: Dr. Lind, would you give us an overview of the use of simple remedies and their place in the practice of medicine?

A: As I mentioned previously, the beauty of natural remedies are that they do not debilitate the human organism by their natural properties, they are cost effective and facilitate the molding of one’s character.These 10 simple agents consisting of sunlight, fresh air, water and fruit bearing seeds provided by our Maker along with our trust in the one who made all that was made, exercise, temperance, rest, proper dress and the application of these and other principles, allow us to cooperate with God in cultivating a lifestyle of healthful living.


“Our Savior is the restorer of the moral image of God in man. He has supplied in the natural world remedies for the ills of man, that His followers may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” As we learn how to apply the remedies which our Maker has provided in nature, we can with safety discard the toxic concoctions which man has used in the past.  “The Lord has provided antidotes for disease in simple plants, and these can be used by faith, with no denial of faith; for by using the blessings provided by God for our benefit we are cooperating with Him.”  EGW 16MR 248.2



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